Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Radiators for those with dust allergies

Which radiators should you install to help minimise the symptoms caused by allergies to dust, dust mites or other air borne particles?

If you are allergic to dust, or other air borne particles, then you should avoid installing radiators that work by convection.

Convection radiators circulate air and accordingly will cause dust to be circulated around the room. Such movement of dust will aggravate the allergy.

You are best to look for radiators that work by radiating heat, as opposed to convecting heat, as these designs cause less air and dust movement so are a better choice.

Popular radiators that work by radiation are made of cast iron or stone, so are a good solution for those who suffer from dust allergies. Examples of suitable cast iron radiators include the best-selling Etonian from Feature Radiators or one of their ornate designs such as the Liberty. Stone radiators such as the Marbella offer the ultimate in radiant heat as well as the luxury of organic finishes such as limestone, marble and granite.

Other options to consider are radiant panel heaters, electric radiators or glass and mirror radiators. For instance, Feature Radiators' iRads are a range of electric radiators that radiate heat from the front panel and their slimline, flat design minimises the collection of dust.

Consider the ability of the radiator to retain dust and the ease of cleaning. Flat panel radiators that are easy to wipe down lend themselves particularly to those who suffer with allergies. Have a look at the Dansk Flat Panel or Carat central heating radiators from Feature Radiators, that offer mimimalist style along with easy cleaning.

Also, it is advised against drying clothes on radiators, as humidity can exacerbate symptoms.

For further information on suitable products, it is worth contacting a radiator specialist or expert such as Feature Radiators. Their team can provide practical and affordable yet attractive solutions to meet any specifications and are used to dealing with all sorts of unusual requests.

For more information contact Feature Radiators on 01274 567789, visit their showroom at The Old Post Office, 134-140 Main Street, Bingley, West Yorkshire, BD16 2HL or their website

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