Tuesday, 7 September 2010

What to look for when buying cast iron radiators

What should I look for to ensure I get good quality reliable cast iron radiators?

There are now some superb reproduction cast iron radiators on the market and some inferior products worth avoiding. Here are just a few pointers worth looking out for:

Always check that the radiators have been tested to the European Standard EN442. This provides assurance that the product has passed rigorous testing and is deemed fit for purpose. EN442 is also verification that the heat outputs stated are accurate.

All good quality radiators will come with a manufacturer’s guarantee against manufacturing defects. Make sure the manufacturer is reputable and well established and looks set to stay in business long enough to honour your guarantee should you need it.

For floor mounted cast iron radiators, look for integral feet, which are part of the casting, rather than bolt on extras. This adds to the authenticity of the product and to its overall look.

Finally, to complete the look, choose valves, which are in keeping with your radiators – there are now many period style valves on the market which benefit from modern technology.

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